Un an de cand am plecat din Turcia / An year passed since I left Turkey

A trecut deja un an de cand am plecat din Turcia. A trecut repede? Da, foarte repede. Anul acesta a fost poate cel mai intens si cel mai surprinzator an din viata mea, anul in care m-am redescoperit si am invatat multe despre oameni si viata.

An year passed already since I left Turkey. Did it pass fast? Yes, very fast. This year was maybe the most intense and surprising year of my life, the year during which I rediscovered myself and I learnt many things about people and life.

Imi lipseste Turcia? Da, imi lipseste uneori, dar cred ca acest lucru se datoreaza in principal experientelor placute avute acolo, ci nu neaparat tarii din punct de vedere geografic. Pot sa spun in schimb ca unii oameni de acolo imi lipsesc extrem de mult.

Do I miss Turkey? Yes, I miss it sometimes, but this happens mostly because of the pleasant experiences I had there and because of the country in relation with geographical aspects. Although, I can tell that I miss badly some people.

Am invatat multe in Turcia si tot ce am trait acolo constituie cu siguranta cea mai deosebita perioada din viata mea de om singur, pana la intemeierea familiei mele. In Turcia am plans cel mai mult, am ras si mai mult, am fost dezamagita, am fost apreciata, am cunoscut oameni cu toate aspectele lor mai placute sau mai putin placute si am trait ceva diferit.

I learnt many things in Turkey and everything I lived there is for sure the most special period of my single person life, up to the moment I started my own family, with my husband. In Turkey I cried the most, I laughed even more, I was disappointed, I was appreciated, I met people with all their pleasant and less pleasant characteristics and I lived something different.

Turcia nu e doar asa cum se vede la televizor. Turcia e mai profunda de atat. Ai nevoie doar de rabdare, de ochi deschisi larg si de putere pentru a ramane ferm pe pozitii chiar si atunci cand poate nu esti de acord cu lucrurile ce se petrec.

Turkey is not as they show it at TV. Turkey is more profound than that. You need patience, widely open eyes and power to stay still even when you do not agree with some things that are happening.

Turcia e frumoasa, e deosebita, e a doua mea casa.

Turkey is beautiful, is special, is my second home.

Pozele urmatoare vor spune mai multe despre ceea ce am trait eu acolo.

The following pictures will tell more about the things I lived there.

Turkiye seni tum kalbimden seviyorum!


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