Productivity planner

I do not know how your productivity level is nowadays or how you keep it at a good level but I want to share with you some of my ideas.

As at the moment it looks like I have plenty of free time, I want to state that my days are still full. Cleaning, cooking, paying attention to details about the home or other things that I never observed before.

I want to do some many things, I struggle to keep myself organized, so I decided to do a bit of research and find out which method works the best for me.

Some time ago, while trying to discover some things about Morocco on Youtube, I found Mimi Ikonn‘s vlog on the topic. Ever since I am following her and her adventures on Youtube and Instagram and I enjoy and agree to most of her ideas. Anyways, to get back to my topic, this lady together with her husband invented a ”Productivity Planner”.

I saw only few pages from it, as of course it is for sale and I did not get the chance to buy it, but I think the idea is pretty awesome. It really works. I tried to realize my own Productivity Planner by writing every morning the things I would like to do during that day. Guess what? It really works!!!

I like to think about myself that I am a very responsible and organized person, close to become crazy if something does not go according to my plan. That is why if I see those things written on a paper, I cannot go to bed or relax until I do not get them done. And this makes me very happy as it helps me keep the pace and stay active.

I am curious: How do you stay active? How do you accomplish your plans? Do you consider yourself an organized person? Are you productive?

Hope to hear from you soon!!!

P.S.: Check my Instagram account as I started a very nice series of Throw Back photos from all my trips.



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