You’ve got married! Why do you still work out?

Well, that is a question that I was asked by one of my friends in the past few days. My answer is: I work out for myself, not for my status of married person as before I did not work out in order to find someone J

Once I heard a song saying something like ‘’Bye-Bye diet, I’ve got my wedding ring!’’. I think this is a wrong attitude, but still existing in the society we live in.

Some of the beautiful ladies living in this huge world, consider that they should look good up to the moment they get engaged or married. But earlier or later we have to realize that working out or taking good care of our physical appearance should be done as a form of respect for ourselves, not for anybody else.

You do not have to make up for your boyfriend or husband, you have to do it for you. Once you have done it, you will already feel better and your attitude will change. You will be more self-confident, more positive and you will feel way more beautiful. And all those around you will notice the difference.

When I start to work out, I was a bit bored and I felt I need to fill a gap in my daily routine. I started with kick box, as my home mate at the time was an instructor. Then I continued with Zumba and after I left Turkey I continued to work alone, at home, 1 hour daily.

I feel better, I feel more beautiful, my body looks better and after each workout I feel happier and more confident. With all these feelings expressed I can tell that my husband falls in love with me every day again and again.

Work out for yourself! Do your make up for yourself! Feel more beautiful for yourself!


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