Who is making your life harder?

That is a question that comes to my mind very often. You know, when you have some time to spend with yourself your mind is giving you some ideas to think about. I often asked myself why sometimes our lives are getting harder.

I think that everything is related directly to the way we were raised and how we educated ourselves. If we think much more about the impressions that the others have about us, than it will be way harder for us to reach happiness and interior peace.

Sometimes, the things aren’t going as we planned them to, but with patience we can succeed and reach our aims. Certainly, there are many people around us and they have some expectations. It depends only on us how we deal with the pressure that we feel on our shoulders.

We always have the feeling that we will disappoint if we do not act or if we do not change something immediately. But, sometimes hurrying up is the biggest mistake you can do. Despite all their expectations and feelings, people who really love you will be there for you and hold your back.

I am not a very patient person, but life taught me different lessons regarding this subject and sometimes is worth to just wait, establish your priorities and keep your health. Stress and sadness are your biggest enemies in such cases.

Don’t be afraid to disappoint the others, the most important thing is to not disappoint yourself. You can overpass the sadness and the fact that someone did not trust you enough and often that someone may be a very close relative or friend, but it will be harder to blame yourself always for a change you have done in a moment of despair.

Try to be happy and enjoy every moment. I am sure you can find everyday a reason to smile or even better a beloved person to make you smile. Love is everywhere!!! Trust yourself!


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