What’s new in my life

Almost 5 months passed since I left the beautiful Republic of Turkey. What did I do since then? I traveled, I spent 2 months in France with my husband and I came back at the end of August to finalize the details of our amazing wedding.

We decided one and half year ago to get married and we tried to arrange everything as early as possible in order to avoid stress before those magical moments. Well, we realized this plan 98% let’s say. Why? Because the last two weeks before the wedding are the most stressful. But, I will give you details in another post.

The wedding was great. We had more fun then we could think and we had amazing friends and people next to us. After the wedding we spent one week in Reghin, with my parents, sister and her boyfriend. We had our after-wedding session in Sibiu. Then, we went to Bucharest for the next three weeks. Marius accomplished all the necessary steps in order to be hired and we started to pack. Easy to say, hard to succeed!

We prepared six huge luggage pieces and many bags, I do not even remember the number. But, the problem was related to the car we used: too small for all our bags. Then, we changed the way of packing and after one hour of struggle, we succeeded!

Our new home is in Hoghiz, a village, next to the beautiful city of Brasov. In 20th October we saw our house for the next few months, for the first time. Small, but cute and I knew immediately that after our ”touch” it will be a cozy home.  We left the bags that we brought from Bucharest and then we went to Reghin.

We spent there three days, we shopped a lot for our new home and we packed and guess what? The car was full again. On 23rd October we spent our first night in our home, a place just for two of us. It was very nice!

A week passed since then, Marius started work and I cleaned our home. It looks nice, cozy, sweet and finally clean! We are waiting for guests!!!

I do not have a job yet, but I have different collaborations which is great. Our life will be a continuous surprise, let’s see what will happen next!

In big lines, this is what happened in my life in the last months. We are patiently looking forward to discover new things and challenges. Stay tuned!!!



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