A bomb in Elazig

A bomb in Elazig…this was not exactly the news I was waiting for from Turkey. It made me sad and worried about the beloved ones I left behind there. They are all fine…but what will happen to this nation so hardly attacked from different directions?

There is certainly a turn in the history of Turkey that we can observe nowadays, but maybe its real importance will be later on understood. Turkish people are passionate, they will fight without asking too many questions in order to prove their patriotism and love for the nation. But will this be enough in order to stop all these attacks and to be considered a safe country again? I am sure it will pass some time until they will be perceived as they were once from the point of view of the tourism, economy and image, either if we speak politically or not.

I moved back from Elazig almost 3 months ago. While being there I used to keep saying to my family that everything is ok, that nothing can happen in the city as is not that much important from any point of view. Well, I was wrong. It seems Elazig is a key point for those who want to extend their terrorist actions and it was like a challenge towards all those who stood against any action undertaken against their beloved country.

One of the ideas I support is that nobody can leave the terrorists think that they won and of course is sad and hurtful to lose so many lives, but people just have to stay strong and prove their courage. I am sure that people from Elazig, my Gakkos friends, will do it.

Is hard to stand up again, but they have to do it. Personally I do not agree with all the decisions or actions that Turkish Government applies or undertakes, but is their country and their way to defend it. The only thing I wish is that Turkey will keep going on with the process of modernization and they will not take a step back only to enrich some people’s pride.

It was shocking to see that much damage in a city I lived for more than 2 years, to see the remains of a place I used to go often for work or to hear that the windows of my old home just blown off. My courage is not lacking, but I am happy I moved back. I am worried for my friends and pray for them and I wish they had a chance to stay safe, but nothing is sure anymore. This is a war that none of them asked for and is a war without the accomplishment of its purpose. Such a pity for all those who died and for their families.  Turkish people will never accept to be subjugated.

Stay strong my dears, stay strong Turkey! We can still see the beauty in you and in your people!



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