Nice was nice


I do not know if this is a very good time to write about Nice – France, taking in consideration what happened almost 2 weeks ago, but I decided that it would be nice to share some of the memories and the experiences I had there.

We went to Nice with Marius in a period when not many people would go: it was Christmas 🙂

How it comes we have chosen that period? I had an agreement with my boss (at that time I was working in Turkey) and he gave me 2 free weeks as the office was not very busy in that moment even if Turkish people do not celebrate Christmas as you know.

So, Marius was already in holiday, so I flew to Marseille. From there, we went by train to Nice and we spent there 4 nights. I simply felt in love with the city. At the end of our trip I told Marius that if I ever have the chance to choose a city where to live, I would move to Nice.

Maybe because of the period, but the prices were really affordable even if the city is on the famous French Riviera. People there were very relaxed and helpful, friendly and without any misconception related to us or our origin.

The sea was so beautiful and I saw it on winter time for the first time. Well, we cannot call that weather – winter because in 26th of December I saw people swimming and sunbathing. A little crazy in my opinion, but hey, who am I to judge them? 🙂

I must confess, we also tried the water but only with our legs. It was not extremely cold or freezing, but still I wouldn’t swim.

At that time, we were lucky enough to find an antiquities market in front of the Ducal Palace. Full of old paintings, old toys and old jewelry. Great time!

Then, we just explored the narrow streets of Nice, taking us firstly to a very cute waterfall and then to a panorama place, next to a tower. Many musicians were there, the view was amazing and the atmosphere was great. We took our time to walk without any rush, to sit on the beach and to make plans.  Later on, we also had a romantic dinner: we bought a pizza and two beers, we went on the beach and we ate under the moonlight. Nice feelings in Nice, if you know what I mean.

We visited almost all the churches in the city, which were very beautiful and simple, we went to see the Contemporary & Modern Art Museum, but it was closed (It was a Monday and we forgot that there are high chances not to find it open).

The last thing we visited in Nice was the Russian Cathedral, which was very far from the place we were living, but worth to see for its amazing blue/turquoise towers/roof.

I felt that life in Nice can be peaceful, pleasant by offering you everything you may need. I was very sorry when I learnt about the attack on 14th July. I really hope that people won’t stop visiting the city, that they will understand that these terrorism attacks can be organized everywhere (unfortunately) and that we should not let the terrorists feel that they won and we are afraid.

Enjoy the pictures! Peace!