Being a mommy…

Being a mommy…well I do not exactly how it feels this but I am pretty sure I will be a good mother.


First of all I am thinking about the relation I have and had with my mother. Without making it sound like a cliché, I really feel that one of my best friends is my mother (The other one is my husband, for sure). She had me when she was young I would say but she knew from the beginning what she wants. She got married at 19, had me at 20 and divorce at almost 21. Sad story? Not at all. I grew up very happy knowing that my parents were happy, in a separate way.

For a long period of time I wanted to become a young mommy as well, but you know, time changes you and I started to think about other opportunities and things I want to realize before having someone in my life that needs me 100% and to whom I have to dedicated all my time.

Today, one of the cutest kids I ever seen (I am not saying this because I am his godmother), made me very happy. Even if he saw me twice in his life – his almost three, but I left Romania when he had only 4 months and since then he saw me once- told me that he loves me and he played with me all day long.

Those sincere smiles that I managed to take from him, those hugs, made me think that patience is everything in a relation. And not only with kids…

See? There is always something we can learn from them, so let’s pay more attention to the kids and to the lessons we can learn from them.


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