Arles – France

Today I realized that for a long period I did not post anything about places I have visited. Of course, the other posts were in Romanian. So, I looked at the pictures and I decided to tell you about Arles.

Arles is a very small city in France. How we discover it? It was 2nd of January and together with Marius we thought that there is no better way to start the New Year than travelling around. At the time we used to stay in Ales, the city where Marius studied for around 7 months. First, we went to see the old amphitheater of Orange – which was great and I will tell you about it with another opportunity – and then, when we were going back home we had to change the train in Arles.

Normally, we were supposed to wait two hours, but we both like the adventure so we looked at each other and said: ‘’let’s go!’’. We were lucky because the amphitheater of Arles was not too far from the railway station so we spent most of our time visiting it and then we walked around and we admired the narrow streets which I am in love with.

We bought magnets, because we have a very nice collection and we turned back at the railway station happier because we managed to see something new and to add another visited city to our common map.

If you have the opportunity, you can visit the city, it won’t take long because is small and well organized.

I will share with you some pictures. Enjoy!!!


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