Something about me, something about love

11 days left to the happiest day of my life in the last few months. I will finally see my husband and I will be able to hug him for hours and hours.

Waiting is very hard and so is counting days but I have done this many times lately. This period helped me discover many things about myself, things I was not aware of. Usually I am a very happy and optimistic person and I dare to do many things without caring too much about what is going to happen. I will just go with the flow.

The problem is that, since I met Marius and our destiny was to be apart for long periods, I am more stressed when it comes to different actions and I think more about everything. Is not like I feel that I cannot be kind of crazy because of him, is just the fact that I am stressed a little bit more because I want to finish everything and be next to him. If he is not part of the plan, than I just want to take it to its end and to something more interesting with Marius. We both think for two persons now.

And this increased level of stress appears especially when I need to travel to see him. I am counting days, hours, minutes, I do lists, I am checking on Internet and satellites images with the place I am going to, from where I can buy tickets for the next vehicle I will use and stuff like this.

I remember that when I went to Marseille, I couldn’t sleep, I had nightmares only because I wanted so much to arrive in time and hug him. The same thing happens now. I am preparing my trip and I have million things in my mind. I am sure everything will be OK, but I know myself and I know my heart and I will be completely happy only when I’ll see him smiling, there, in the train station of Dijon :).IMG_8950

But, up to then I have too much free time to think about different possible situations and hypothesis: I will spend 7 hours in the bus (between Targu Mures and Bucharest) – that is funny because my whole trip from Bucharest to Dijon will be completed in less than 6 hoursJ – then I will have my flight, then I need to take a special train from the airport to the railway station, then I need to wait for my TGV and only after I will arrive to my love 🙂

See? When you love you think much more about the other and why you need him/her that much…. I need him and nothing else, everything is better with him. This is love….


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