Republic of Turkey – about last night

It was around 23:30 when I received a message on the Whatsapp group we have with some of my closest friends in Turkey. There, one of the guys asked my friend Yesim if she is ok. Why? Because she is working at Ataturk Airport and the chances to be there were very high for her. But she was not. She was out and safe. And I was happy to hear that.

Still, I was shocked. I spent many hours and nights in that place and the last time was 26 days ago. I cannot understand how something like this could happen and what a devil mind those killers had to organize the attack in one of the most crowded places in Turkey and Europe.

I am so sorry for all those people who died, for all the persons injured and for all those who lived those moments of panic, fear and confusion. I am so sorry that such events happen in Turkey, a country I love and means so much to me.

Many people I love and care about were in danger, because their chances to be at the airport in that moment were high. I spoke with most of them moments after the tragedy, they are ok, but that was just luck. Who knows what will happen next? What is going on with this world? Why is so hard to live in peace? And how the hell those killers managed to enter in that airport where the checking filters are very well organized?

I admire the workers who tried to keep their calm and help the passengers, I admire their attitude and the fact that they organized themselves in a very quick manner and tried to get everything back to normal in the shortest time.

Republic of Turkey is strong, they are hurt but they will fight. No more terrorism!12053252_897358910380610_1589942004_n

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