My new life

My intention was to write this article before leaving Republic of Turkey, but due to the fact that I had many meetings and I attended many events that were organized for me, I simply postponed it. The thing is that after coming home I was so busy organizing our wedding, that I did not have time or the right mood to write. Anyway, it seems today is the day!

Let me tell you a bit about my departure. It was hard because in the last two and half years I had a totally different life there, I was surrounded by different people and I had a job that I loved. The thing is that I was not afraid to leave, because I knew that I do it for my happiness.

In the last three weeks let’s say, I tried to spend my time with my closest friends from Elazig, to visit all the places I liked in the city and around it and to see as many people as possible. In the last week, everything was harder and the last day in the office was awful. Of course, in the following two days I had many things to do such as closing my bank accounts, organizing my departure, packing more and more. Everybody prepared me so many surprises and gifts that I had two prepare two extra pieces of luggage.

In the last day I went to say ‘’bye-bye’’ to my colleagues and they do not know, but I cried really hard when I left the office and they threw water behind me according to the Turkish tradition. I cried again when I met my oldest friend from Elazig, I cried when I left my room and the house and I cried when the plane took off.

There was a very interesting mix of feelings and I am so grateful for everything I learned in this experience, because it really changed my life. Good or bad everything had an influence on me and Elazig will always be a special place.

But you know what? When I landed in Romania I was happy. Happy to see my family, happy to feel that I am closer to my dream, happy to start a new life. I had three amazing days with my parents in law at country side, I had the chance to visit our future godfathers, I spent a lot of time with my parents and my sister and I had the time to get some rest.

I won’t lie, I miss going to my job and having nice talks with my colleagues and friends. But is ok, we are keeping in touch on Whats app and Skype and I am sure they won’t forget me soon. Now, I am counting days again, because in 13 days I will see my husband and we will spend almost two wonderful months in France and its beauties.

And to answer some question that I hear often: No, I am not stressed I did not get a job yet! Yes, I will have a super long holiday with my husband! No, I am not worried about the fact that we are not sure yet where we will leave, because life is great and as long as I am with Marius, everything will be just amazing!

So, yep, this is my life for nowJ

I think I will write more often and in English from now on because I want to keep updated my friends from Republic of Turkey and from everywhere around the world!

See you soon!

PS.: These are some pictures I took in my last days there, with my friends. Enjoy!


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