Functia si pretentiile… / The position and the expectations

Munca, munca si iar munca.

Work, work and again work.

Dupa o zi grea la birou fix de telefoane cu pretentii nu mai am eu chef. Azi, pe lista mea un domn:

After a full day at the office I was surely not in the mood to accomplish someone’s expectations. Today, on my list a gentleman:

”Georgiana, nu te cunosc dar am auzit de tine. Stiu ca esti romanca asa ca te rog suna la ambasada tarii tale si spune-le ca vreau ca fiica mea sa isi ia viza maine.”

”Georgiana, I do not know you, but I’ve heard about you. I know you are Romanian so please call the Embassy of your country and tell them that I want a visa for my daughter tomorrow”.

Pe fundal, un alt domn: ”Da, da, trebuie sa rezolve. Doar e cetatean roman.”

On the background, another gentleman: ”Yes, yes, she must solve it. She is Romanian citizen”.

Asa si?

And what if I am?

Ii explic ca azi de dimineata am sunat pentru doi studenti ai nostri, dar ca programarile pentru interviuri trebuie sa fie cerute personal, printr-o aplicatie online. Nu se acorda astfel de informatii decat in mod personal.

I explained him that today in the morning I already called the Embassy for two of our students, but the interview appointments should be established personally, by using an online application. They wouldn’t provide any information if you do not ask the visa for yourself.

Nici vorba de intelegere. ”Dar tu esti romanca. TREBUIE SA TE AJUTE! Spune-le ca suntem PROFESORI”.

No way they could accept this. ”But you are Romanian. THEY SHOULD HELP YOU! Tell them we are PROFESSORS!”.

Asa si?

So what?

Da, probabil ca m-ar ajuta daca le-as cere ajutor in numele meu. Dar ce are a face faptul ca sunt romanca, cu faptul ca cineva incerca sa faca abuz de functia sa? M-am enervat, mai mult decat m-am enervat pentru celalte sute de emailuri si chestii de facut…

The Embassy would probably help me if I would ask something for me. But the fact that I am Romanian to do with the fact that someone wants to use his position as an advantage? I got really pissed of, more than I got for the other hundreds mails and things to solve…


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